Coast And Castles Day 2

Up fairly early this morning, but had a great sleep (much needed) squared myself away then went down for breakfast around 08:30. Had a nice chat with a couple up from Wiltshire walking the Northumbrian Coastal Path (Cresswell to Berwick-Upon-Tweed). Finished breakfast then got the bike sorted out… off ‘n’ rolling around 09:45ish.

This morning was a drizzly start so straight on with the waterproof jacket head down and away, not much other than road riding for the first few miles I had Holy Island as my next POI passed the Lindisfarne Inn which I recognised from the Sandstone Way tour then dirt tracks down to the coast.

Arrived at the causeway in perfect time for the tide going out and the road was clear, however everyone else had the same idea the cars were out in full force.

Holy Island causeway tide going out.

I was surprised how smooth the causeway tarmac was, but also surprised by how long it was… seemed like the island wasn’t getting any closer!! Eventually made it and headed to the Lindisfarne Castle for some photos.

(The castle is located in what was once the very volatile border area between England and Scotland. Not only did the English and Scots fight, but the area was frequently attacked by Vikings. Lindisfarne’s position in the North Sea made it vulnerable to attack from Scots and Norsemen.)


With it starting to get busy on the island and with time ticking on I made my way back to the mainland (cars a lot quieter getting off the island).

Then it was just a case of slow progress towards Berwick-Upon-Tweed along some off-road rough stuff which I remembered was slow going when we’d done it previously, but with plenty of time and the weather improved I cracked on (my bum didn’t like it tho 👎) Finally caught a glimpse of Berwick-Upon-Tweed in the distance.

Coastal approach to Berwick-Upon-Tweed

Thought I’d be able to get a decent coffee stop in at Berwick… however it seemed a bit run down & shut so grabbed a coke then moved on.

At this point the route took on a very road orientated vibe albeit quiet country roads with very little cars about, but it was just a case of munching the miles through quiet little villages Horncliffe came and went, but Norham was a quirky place with medieval mannequins scattered all around the village stopped to check out the Norham Castle.

(Commanding a vital ford over the River Tweed, it was one of the most important strongholds in this once turbulent region. It was also the one most frequently attacked by the Scots – it was besieged at least 13 times, once for nearly a year by Robert Bruce.)


Norham seemed like a village very proud of their history and as I crossed the River Tweed I realised how close to the Scottish border I was, but with Scotland comes hills and straight from the off I was up ‘n’ climbing… thankfully not for long.

From here the road miles just dragged on & on with long straight roads and the occasional turning here ‘n’ there it wasn’t until I crossed the Tweed again that it became I bit more interesting.

With only a few miles left to do I dug deep to the finish point for the day Melrose and the Station Hotel.

The Station Hotel.

Had a well earned shower then decided to eat downstairs in the restaurant… two pints of tennants and a pork & haggis burger with chips… well when in Rome!!

End of day 2

For details check out the ride on komoot.

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