Coast And Castles Day 3

The day got off to a good start with a hearty breakfast.

Breakfast done and checked-out it was time to hit the road, got rolling just before 09:00 the weather was shaping up to be alright for the day. Headed towards the River Tweed and pretty much followed it for a good few miles.

Even managed to get a classic touring phot.
Even managed to get a classic touring phot.

The river took me towards Innerleithen, Decided that it would be the last chance for a decent coffee today so took the opportunity to stop for coffee ‘n’ cake at Loulabelles.

Coffee stop done it was time to tackle the next section which I’d done before, so I knew it would be a long stretch of road riding through the valley ending in a long slow climb.

The miles past OK and I still felt reasonably good when I finally made it to the highest point.

All downhill from here 👍 and views of Edinburgh in the distance.

Distant views of Edinburgh.

The downhill section didn’t disappoint and flew down through quiet villages and onto Bonnyrigg and back to urbanisation so had a late lunch break at McDonalds. Following the cycle tracks towards Edinburgh made for slow going, but impressed with how it kept you mainly off the busy roads especially in such a build up area like this… looked like some of it had been previously used as old railway tracks and saw evidence of it when I came the Innocent Railway Tunnel.

The Innocent Railway Tunnel.

With the final stretch in sight managed to negotiate the busy streets of Edinburgh and up to Edinburgh Castle for a final phot.

Edinburgh Castle

Finally finished Coast And Castles Route done… now just a matter of finding my way down to the train station and heading home after a really enjoyable trip.

For details check out the ride on komoot.

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