Causey & Tanfield Loop

Ride along the North East coal mining past on disused railway paths and gravel tracks, discover landmarks to it’s industrial past some obvious, others hidden away over time.

  • Mileage 28.4 mi
  • Elevation 2025 ft

Winding it’s way along quiet country roads, repurposed railway tracks, gravel trails and woodland this route is never too far away from rural old mining villages and towns. With a few punchy climbs and coffee stops it’s all rideable at a leisurely pace.

Places of Interest

  • Causey Arch the oldest surviving single-arch railway bridge in the world
  • Chopwell Woods 360-hectare mixed woodland set right on the fringe of Gateshead
  • Milkwellburn Woods a large mixed woodland in the Derwent valley with a history of commercial planting and coal mining
  • The Keelmans Way, which links Wylam and the upper reaches of the Tyne
  • Tanfield Railway the world’s oldest working railway

Coffee Stops

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